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Every day more children need to scape slavery

What is children trafficking?

Children trafficking is characterized by the recruitment, transfer and accommodation of children through different methods. It can involve the use of force or any other form of restraint, through kidnapping or deception, as well as the ruthless use of authority.

Types of human trafficking

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Sex trafficking

States prohibit the sale of children, child prostitution, and child pornography.

Labor traffic

From Forced labor and forced marriage to a child soldier and domestic servitude, human trafficking takes a lot of forms.

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Other forms of traffic

The labor and forced marriages of children, as well as them being exploited as child soldiers or in domestic servitude.

How many victims are there?

5.4 out of every 1,000 people are enslaved in the world.
40.3 million people slaved

Slavery today

There are more people enslaved today than any other time in History. Human Trafficking is a $150 billion dollar industry were 71% women, 29% men 25% children.

How does human trafficking start?


A person becomes defenseless to trafficking and exploitation when they are in conditions of risk and vulnerability such as instability, violence and abuse, bad education, substance abuse, poverty, homelessness and unemployment.

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Exploitation occurs when someone is coerced, deceived, or subjected to an abuse of power.

These situations are generated through false job opportunities, using the false friend method or being sold by a relative for labor or sex trafficking.

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It occurs when a victim escapes from a situation of trafficking, the trauma that he presents combined with the risk factors that led him to that environment, causes him to return to the condition of slavery again.

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Help us change this reality

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