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Porn Continues to Gain Ground. When will we all put an end to it?

Did you know?

  • Children in the US begin viewing pornography at an average age of 11.

  • Child pornography is one of the fastest growing businesses online.

  • The porn industry is worth $97 billion worldwide, child pornography is worth $3 billion

  • Between 66 and 90% of women involved in pornography were sexually abused as children.

These are just some of the data that we can retrieve online, if we delve into what pornography is doing in our society.

The Richmond Justice Initiative reported in September 2011 that one in five pornographic images is of children and that 55% of child pornography comes from the United States.

There are thousands of reported cases of children and young people who are forced to make pornographic films. Either people close to them force them or many times they are individuals outside their intimate circle, who through extortion or psychological manipulation, manage to obtain images that will later be put on pornographic platforms.

On the other hand, we must understand that this market is so lucrative, due to the number of people who consume it. And it is that people have become addicted to pornography, there are already some studies that affirm that people who consume pornography eventually lose satisfaction in sexual encounters and seek encounters with trafficked people; people who are available to do everything they order, or everything they have seen on the screen. It is also proven that an estimated 40% to 80% of child pornography consumers abuse a child.

We must stop this cruel cycle and end the scourge of Trafficking!

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