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Did you know that winter in South Asia is a threat to the lives of many children? Every year, thousands of children suffer the consequences of the cold, the lack of adequate clothing and poverty. Many of them end up being victims of exploitation, abuse and slavery.

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For safety, children’s faces have been covered.

At Eve's Project 1040 we are committed to changing this reality. We currently have 170 children in our care, who depend on the help we can provide them. They need new clothes, shoes and jackets to face the winter with dignity and security. 

You can make a difference. With your donation, you will be contributing to improve the quality of life of these children, to protect them from the dangers that lurk and to give them hope for the future. 

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Do not hesitate anymore. Make your donation today and be part of this noble cause.

Every contribution counts. Every gesture matters. Every child deserves a chance. 

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