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Our work

We are a non-profit organization developed with the final purpose of supporting human traffic victims. We work to provide freedom to ​the captives and give voice to those without.

Niños adolescentes sonrientes
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As part of our task we unite with established households, which are dedicated to rescue these children and adults who have been victims of human trafficking.

In Eve’s,we work to provide teams of social workers to help psychologically and emotionally the victim of Human Trafficking.

Our vision empower the lives of children rescued from human trafficking in providing them a safe home, health, food, and education in this way vindicate their lives and encourage them to aspire for more.

Our mission empower survivors of human trafficking:

  • Collaborating with local agencies

  • Providing safe homes

  • Providing food, health services, and education

  • Educating the community regarding human trafficking

  • Providing resources for the self-support of agencies

What do we do?


We work in conjunction with established homes which are dedicated to
rescue children and adults who have been victims of human trafficking.

We provide support and training to caregivers of children.


We provide food and basic necessities to the households that work with the victims.


We support the construction of new care centers for victims of human trafficking.



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